Off-Campus Design Lab: Twentse Noabers Charter; aan het stuur

17/05/2019 @ 13:30 – 14:15 Europe/Amsterdam Tijdzone
Tent 3 De Aanpak

Twente Noabers, is a co-operative of community-enterprises and neighborhood-initiatives in Twente. In these enterprises and initiatives regional residents take on major challenges facing their communities, either in the social or physical domain or both.

Twente Noabers stands for: working together, connecting, sharing knowledge and helping each other. On this basis Twentse Noabers wants to contribute to the success of such citizen- and community-initiatives. It also wants to contribute to a climate in which these initiatives can develop constructive cooperative relations with governments, social organizations and businesses in the region.

For this latter purpose Twentse Noabers wants to develop a charter stating …

  • The main principles that its members endorse and these members will use as a guideline for their actions. In this way the charter makes clear to residents, governments, professional organizations and the business community in Twente what people can and may expect from Twentse Noabers and its members (What do Twentse Noabers and its members stand for?) .
  • At the same time, the charter also formulates what – on the basis of reciprocity — Twentse Noabers and its members expect from others in working together.

Together with the University of Twente Twentse Noabers organizes this session and invites students of the “Management, Science and Technology” program (UT) and other interested people to help in designing such a charter by suggesting main principles and expectations. 


Reinder Witting (Twentse Noabers)

Bas Denters (Univeriteit Twente)