In the driver’s seat

17/05/2019 @ 09:30 – 10:15 Europe/Amsterdam Tijdzone
Het Circus

Everywhere – at home and abroad – we see that people take the initiative and actually get to work with important social challenges. They take the driver’s seat!

In this session, English-speaking students “Management, Society and Technology” (University of Twente) present essays about Dutch and foreign examples of such community-initiatives. What are the AMBITIONS of these people? What do they DO to realize that? And what can we learn from the experiences with these forms of initiative and self-governance?

Moderator: dr. Ringo Ossewaarde (UT)

In the driver’s seat is an initiative of Twentse Noabers and the University of Twente.

Twentse Noabers, a collaboration of residents’ businesses is a neighborhood initiative in Twente. Twente Noabers stands for: cooperation, connecting, sharing knowledge and helping each other.

The University of Twente, as an entrepreneurial university, wants to contribute to solutions for future challenges and strengthen the innovative power of our region.